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Re: Buildd vs. Cowbuilder: broken symlink in procps dev package on one architecture

* Cyril Brulebois [Mon Aug 22, 2011 at 12:02:17PM +0200]:
> Michael Prokop <mika@debian.org> (22/08/2011):

> > 1) What's the proper way to address this issue in squeeze?
> >    a) Build a i386 package with broken symlink?
> >    b) Build whatever-arch package with working symlink?

> Stop using basename on what's in /lib, and do that on what's under
> debian/tmp.

So 1b, thanks.

> > 2) How can we make sure such a bug doesn't happen again
> >    (besides working towards source-only uploads :))?
> >    Bugreport against buildd.debian.org?

> Same answer as for 1).

Hehe sure. But that the procps package is non-essential but
seems to be installed on (some?) buildds is irrelevant?


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