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Re: Bug#636164: RFP: apt-clone -- ZFS integrated APT package handling utility

On Mon, Aug 01, 2011 at 11:15:46PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> On 08/01/2011 09:31 PM, brian m. carlson wrote:
> > On Mon, Aug 01, 2011 at 12:38:13AM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:
> >> * Package name    : apt-clone
> >>   Version         : 0.7.9nexenta28
> >> * URL             : see below
> >> * License         : CDDL

> > You may want to run this by debian-legal.  Last I checked, this license
> > wasn't okay.

> Why would you want to hear about the opinions of some random subscribers
> of debian-legal when the FTP Masters decide about accepted licenses?

Because debian-legal is the public mailing list where Debian, as a whole,
evolves its understanding of whether a particular license meets the
requirements of the DFSG.  As long as the mailing list remains in existence,
it's the right place to hold such discussions - not privately with the
ftpmasters, which would leave no record of the ftpmasters' decision-making

The random-subscriber-opinion effect is a real problem.  Bypassing our
public processes is not the way to solve it.

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