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Re: A few observations about systemd

On Aug 02, Dmitry Nezhevenko <dion@dion.org.ua> wrote:

> What is "use"?
The maintainers decides what are the prevalent use cases of the package
and try to use defaults which are appropriate for the largest number of

> For example rsync package provides both "rsync" client and
> rsync daemon. Both cases are "use", right?
Yes, and very few people use standalone rsync servers.

> Another example is dovecot-imapd. It's possible to use it in
> preauthenticated mode. In such case no system-wide daemon is required and
> mail client should just start imapd and talk with it using stdin/stdout.
Again something which is very uncommon.

> Also some services may be needed only sometimes (like ejabberd on laptop
> when developing some XMPP stuff). 
This corner case could be applied to just about everything.

> Or "tor" package that also provides system-wide tor daemon. At the same
> time it's possible to use tor individually by every user and start it only
> when needed. At least on laptops.
And this one too.

In summary, you need to use some common sense and knowledge of the
packages involved and their users.


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