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Re: Buildd vs. Cowbuilder: broken symlink in procps dev package on one architecture

* Adam D. Barratt [Mon Aug 22, 2011 at 07:11:08PM +0100]:
> On Mon, 2011-08-22 at 12:19 +0200, Michael Prokop wrote:
> > * Cyril Brulebois [Mon Aug 22, 2011 at 12:02:17PM +0200]:
> > > Michael Prokop <mika@debian.org> (22/08/2011):

> > > > 1) What's the proper way to address this issue in squeeze?
> > > >    a) Build a i386 package with broken symlink?
> > > >    b) Build whatever-arch package with working symlink?

> > > Stop using basename on what's in /lib, and do that on what's under
> > > debian/tmp.

> > So 1b, thanks.

> Looking at the procps source package in unstable, it appears to have the
> same issue.  If that's the case, then I'm afraid your question should
> really have been "what's the proper way to address this issue in
> unstable and subsequently in squeeze".

Sure, but fixing the package in unstable doesn't modify the
behaviour within the stable release, which was the rationale behind
my question towards the issue in squeeze. :) Since there are no
objections against solution 1b we'll provide a working package for

Craig, maybe you could contact Christian and me regarding the
package for unstable so we avoid duplicate efforts?

Thanks to everyone,

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