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Re: The archive now supports xz compression


On Thu, 11 Aug 2011, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Thus, I'd strongly recommend just compressing everything with xz, on all
> architectures.  Preferably, as a default in dpkg-dev.

I am very much in favor of this as well but after having discussed this
at debconf with Colin Watson and Joey Hess, I'm not going to change this

As Ansgar mentionned, it creates a new requirement: for debootstrap to work
xz must be present and it's currently not present in debian-installer.

So changing the default in dpkg-dev would either require to hardcode
gzip for all "base" packages or accept xz as a new dependency for

The set of "base" package is not clearly defined, it's roughly "all
required packages and their dependencies" but this can't be really
automated and can theoretically change at the whims of ftpmasters
since the priorities are under the control of ftpmasters.


Since hardcoding gzip for base packages seems to be a bit brittle,
we need to work towards allowing xz usage in debian-installer and accept
it as a dependency for deboostrap on non-Debian systems (I don't think
it's a big issue, xz is portable and is more and more widely used).

I guess that a first step is to have an xz udeb...

Would you like to drive a release goal to have all packages of DVD1
use XZ compressions ?

1/ Ensure XZ support is integrated in debian-installer (and deboostrap
   fixed to add it as a dependency).
2/ Wait until we update dpkg to use XZ by default.
3/ Ensure all packages useful in DVD1 are updated or bin-nmued
   before the freeze.

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