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Re: apt repository checker?

>>>>> Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> writes:

 > Within the context of the derivatives census I have been looking at
 > the apt repositories of our derivatives.  I noted that some of them
 > are affected by #637563 due to directly importing Debian repository
 > data.  I also found some repositories that are not GPG signed.  So I
 > was wondering if we have a tool for checking apt repositories and
 > looking for common mistakes.

	Well, checking Sources (and Packages) for Bug#637563 could, as
	it seems, be implemented (in, say, Awk or Perl) quite easily.

	Signature checking, as well as the Release parsing & dist/ files
	download is a bit more tricky.  Something like one or two rainy
	days of coding effort, I guess.

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