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Re: Debian mailing lists archives as mbox (was: Re: [Soc-coordination] Debian Teams Activity Metrics - Report IV) [Update]

On Thu, Aug 04, 2011 at 10:31:33AM +0200, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Just for the record. The mboxes are not for being published. We are currently
> working on getting more data privacy protection in the archive so just
> publishing the mboxes would just be counterproductive.

Thanks for clarifying this.  Is this "we" == listmaster and if yes was
this discussed somewhere?
> >      In-reply-to
> >      References
> >      X-Spam
> Ok, after thinking about it you can include In-reply-to and References. I
> don't see why X-Spam should be useful for you.

Just quoting myself from the mail you responded to:
  I also regard the X-Spam fields  ...  usefull for other
  purposes like further SPAM removals.

I just know that Christian is behind better SPAM removal.

Kind regards



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