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Re: 'Alioth' status update .la file status and hint to clear the dependency_libs field /run in *unstable*: migration of /lib/init/rw, /dev/.* Re: /run in experimental 0-day NMUs for RC bugs without activity for 7 days? Re: [Debconf-announce] DebConf11 – Sponsored registration date has been extended Re: [ltp] Re: double checking Debian's 686-pae vs. -486 probe Re: [pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#626641: Bug#626641: Bug#626641: cryptsetup: bug #587220 re-introduced Re: [pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#626641: Bug#626641: cryptsetup: bug #587220 re-introduced Re: [pkg-cryptsetup-devel] Bug#626641: cryptsetup: bug #587220 re-introduced Re: [RFC] Changing APT to pre-depend on ${shlibs:Depends} Re: [Xcb] planning to remove xprint, libxprintutil and related packages Additional info about recommended/suggested packages Re: Alioth status update, take 3 Anonymous read-only access and Vcs-* [Re: Alioth status update, take 3] Any Debian devs near New Orleans? (need gpg keysigs) anyone interested in adopting ICU? Anyone looking at darcs? Arbitrary-length numbers AutoNotify: Returned mail: Data format error Behaviour of dpkg-source with "3.0 (quilt)" and VCS and automatic patches Re: Best practice for cleaning autotools-generated files? Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy Bug #302907 - maintainer doesn't reply bug reporting workflow is outdated Bug#437177: ta-lib -- common functions for the technical analysis of financial market data Re: Bug#593706: [ Re: Bug#593706: install-info breaks dpkg] Re: Bug#593706: [ Re: Bug#593706: install-info breaks dpkg] Re: Bug#598406: ITP: vavoom -- The most advanced Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife source port around! Re: Bug#598406: ITP: vavoom -- The most advanced Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife source port around! Re: Bug#609690: Debian x86 32-bits built for i586 !? Re: Bug#615157: Using -Werror in CFLAGS for a debian package build Re: Bug#616317: base: commit= ext3 mount option in fstab has no effect. Bug#619602: RFP: theunarchiver -- archive extractor with built-in support for multiple formats Re: Bug#620808: ITP: payyans -- A python utility to convert between ASCII and Unicode. Re: Bug#621833: System users: removing them Bug#624764: ITP: trng -- Tina's Random Number Generator Library Bug#624771: ITP: garmin-ant-downloader -- retrieve information from Garmin GPS devices using ANT+ Bug#624808: ITP: python-enet -- wrapper for the ENet networking library Re: Bug#624997: writerperfect: FTBFS: Style.hxx:36:45: error: 'NULL' was not declared in this scope Bug#625216: python-starpy -- Asterisk (AMI) protocols for Twisted Python Bug#625453: ITP: args4j -- args4j is a small Java class library that makes it easy to parse command line options/arguments in your CUI application. Bug#625467: ITP: aspell-kn -- GNU Aspell 0.60 Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ) Dictionary Package Bug#625490: ITP: libxml-feedpp-mediarss-perl -- Perl module providing Media RSS support for XML::FeedPP Bug#625499: ITP: libgeo-coder-googlev3-perl -- Perl module providing access to Google Maps v3 Geocoding API Bug#625538: general: Monitor turns off even if in gnome-screensaver and gnome-power i disalbe automatic turning off. Bug#625636: ITP: mccs -- multi-critera CUDF solver Bug#625652: ITP: morfeusz -- morphological analyser of Polish Bug#625731: ITP: key-mon -- Utility to show live keyboard and mouse status. Bug#625737: ITP: fonts-ricty -- High quality japanse fonts based on Inconsolata and Migu 1M Bug#625754: ITP: sombok -- Unicode Text Segmentation library Bug#625791: ITP: lilv -- library for simple use of LV2 plugins Bug#625865: ITP: ocportal -- ocPortal is a Content Management System for building and maintaining a dynamic website Bug#625971: ITP: wims-help -- help files for wims Bug#626016: ITP: ruby-shoulda-matchers -- Test helpers for Rails applications, compatible with Test::Unit and RSpec Bug#626017: ITP: ruby-shoulda-context -- context framework for Test::Unit Bug#626087: ITP: tinarng -- Tina's (pseudo-) Random Number Generator Library Bug#626097: ITP: ruby-pgplot -- A Ruby interface to the PGPLOT graphics library Bug#626159: ITP: scilab-jims -- Binding the worlds of Scilab and Java Bug#626179: ITP: letodms -- open-source document-management-system based on PHP and MySQL Bug#626225: ITP: cmtk -- The Computational Morphometry Toolkit Bug#626243: ITP: libjchart2d-java -- Java based library for precise 2D charting visualizations Bug#626266: ITP: x52pro -- MFD and LED configuration library for Saitek X52 joysticks Bug#626380: ITP: onioncat -- IP-Transparent Tor Hidden Service Connector Bug#626410: ITP: minisat+ -- solver for pseudo-Boolean constraints Bug#626424: Please implement a method to save and restore netfilter rules at boot Bug#626441: general: When first logging in, usb wireless keyboard/mouse is not working Bug#626471: ITP: msp430mcu -- Spec files, headers and linker scripts for TI's MSP430 targets Bug#626489: ITP: airoscript-ng -- User interface for aircrack-ng Bug#626510: ITP: openfaucet -- an OpenFlow 1.0.0 library in Python Bug#626514: ITP: fst -- VST plugins on GNU/Linux Bug#626535: ITP: python-selenium -- Create scripts to playback interactions with a browser on web sites Bug#626545: ITP: java-selenium -- Create Javacode to playback interactions with a browser on web sites Bug#626588: ITP: gdb-mingw-w64 -- Cross-debugger for 32- and 64-bit Windows using MinGW-w64 Re: Bug#626641: cryptsetup: bug #587220 re-introduced Bug#626650: ITP: python-pyliblzma -- Python bindings for the LZMA/XZ Compression Library Bug#626651: ITP: s3ql -- a full-featured file system for online data storage Bug#626658: ITP: python-llfuse -- Python bindings for the low-level FUSE API Bug#626668: ITP: easystroke -- gesture recognition application Bug#626702: ITP: libtrycatch-perl -- first class try catch semantics for Perl Bug#626705: ITP: funcparserlib -- Recursive descent parsing library based on functional combinators. Bug#626707: ITP: blockdiag -- generate block-diagram image file from spec-text file. Bug#626714: ITP: sphinxcontrib-blockdiag -- Sphinx "blockdiag" extension Bug#626723: RFP: rhythmbox-plugin-ror -- Remember last played song and play it as first song after rhythmbox restarts. Bug#626724: RFP: rhythmbox-plugin-folderview -- Rhythmbox folder view plugin Bug#626736: general: can't ping windows machine by name Bug#626770: ITP: liblwp-authen-oauth-perl -- OAuth authentication plugin for LWP Re: Bug#626789: xserver-xorg: xserver crashes randomly Bug#626831: ITP: activity-log-manager -- blacklist configuration user interface for Zeitgeist Bug#626841: ITP: mkgmapgui -- A Graphical User Interface for mkgmap Bug#626848: ITP: libqtzeitgeist0 -- wrapper library around the Zeitgeist DBus API for Qt Bug#626865: ITP: librdf-acl-perl -- access control lists for the semantic web Bug#626874: ITP: librdf-linkeddata-perl -- Linked Data server implementation Bug#626876: ITP: librdf-helper-properties-perl -- shortcuts to retrieve certain information Bug#626878: ITP: libtest-www-mechanize-psgi-perl -- test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize Bug#626957: ITP: php-letodms-core -- Document management system - Core files Bug#626967: RFP: django-profile -- pluggable user profile zone for Django Bug#626969: ITP: libmongo-client -- Alternate C driver for the MongoDB document-oriented datastore Bug#626970: ITP: libperl4-corelibs-perl -- libraries historically supplied with Perl 4 Bug#626981: ITP: libxml-atom-fromowl-perl -- export RDF data to Atom Bug#626991: ITP: jampal -- Cross platform mp3 song library management system written in java Bug#626999: ITP: libhtml-microformats-perl -- parse microformats in HTML Bug#627001: ITP: librdf-vcard-perl -- convert between RDF and vCard Bug#627003: ITP: librdf-kml-exporter-perl -- export RDF geo data to KML (Google Earth) Bug#627038: ITP: libacsccid -- PC/SC driver for ACS USB CCID smart card readers Bug#627089: ITP: libgeo-googleearth-pluggable-perl -- export RDF geo data to KML (Google Earth) Bug#627094: ITP: libmethod-autoload-perl -- autoloads methods from a list of packages into the current package Bug#627095: ITP: libxml-libxml-lazybuilder-perl -- easy and lazy way to create XML document for XML::LibXML Bug#627104: ITP: rtslib -- LIO core target management framework - python libs Bug#627105: ITP: configshell -- python framework for building simple CLI-based applications The last update was on 07:31 GMT Sun Jun 17. 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