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Re: Bug#593706: [Klaus@Ethgen.de: Re: Bug#593706: install-info breaks dpkg]

On 05/25/2011 04:47 PM, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> What are you for a kind of troll!? Sorry about to be such direct. But I
> never ever have seen any kind of help from your side. Neither on this
> bug nor on debian-devel.

The only troll I can see here is you.
You have been told that nobody else is able to reproduce this bug (just
ftr: I've installed about 20 hosts since the bug was reported and never
run into it).
So unless you provide exact steps on how to reproduce it, starting with
the installer (and yes, including what you have selected where and what
you've typed where), nobody will be able to help you.

The only thing you are doing is to waste time.

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