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Re: Alioth status update, take 3

David Paleino wrote:
> However, I wonder how should we handle websites which were backed by some
> SCM?
> I'm thinking about pkg-osm itself, or dex, or many others which relied on this
> mechanism (debian-med too, at least when I was working on it). Now that
> repositories are hosted on one machine, and everything else on another, it
> seems a bit more difficult to do (or at all doable).
> (also, ikiwiki is missing from wagner)

One way to handle this with ikiwiki is to make the post-commit hook on
vasks be a shell script that uses curl to trigger ikiwiki's cgi on
wagner, using ikiwiki's "pingee" plugin. Ikiwiki can then connect back
to vasks to get the changes and update. 

It can also be configured to push changes made to the wiki back to the
master repository on vasks. Its possible that in this configuration the
post-commit hook ping would then deadlock; it may need to be run in the
background to avoid that. I have not tested this configuration but I
think it can be made to work.

Pity about the added complexity though.

see shy jo, providing free ikiwiki hosting for free software projects
            at http://branchable.com/

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