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Re: Best practice for cleaning autotools-generated files?

* Josue Abarca <jmaslibre@debian.org.gt> schrieb:

> From: /usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz
> "Example autogen.sh and debian/rules files can be found in
> /usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/examples.  Do not use them as-is. Rather,
> properly customize your own."
> and from /usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/examples/autogen.sh
> " ...Still, this script is capable of cleaning
> # just about any possible mess of autoconf files."

Aprops autogen.sh:

IMHO the upstream always should supply a proper autogen.sh script,

a) removes all autogenerated files
b) calls all the autotools commands, which can be overridden
   via environment (eg. $AUTOCONF, ...)
c) does _NOT_ call configure

Perhaps we could write some spec how an "good" upstream autogen.sh
script should look like, fix them where necessary (so no individual
logic in the control files anymore for this part) and push the
patches to upstreams.

I've already done that for several packages in the OSS-QM project.
(which is not meant for Debian, but completely distro agnostic)

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