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Re: 0-day NMUs for RC bugs without activity for 7 days?

Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> So, my experience with #624819 was basically this.  The bug was
> reported, followed by an NMU upload about 45 minutes after the bug was
> initially reported.  Please don't misunderstand.  I appreciate that the
> submitter was proactive.  However, emailing the patch first and giving
> me a few days would have been nice.

As the reporter+NMUer, let me apologize and try to explain my reasoning: I 
was in the process of uploading a new upstream release for PySide (including 
shiboken, which is libsparsehash-dev's only reverse build-dependency in the 
archive) and bumped on that issue, hence reported it (with a patch, applied 
by the upstream authors of shiboken; which revealed itself to be 
insufficient, but still).

A side-reason for the speed of the NMU, was that I noted that the Maintainer 
of the package, "Athena Capital Research <acr-debian@athenacr.com>" hadn't 
proved to be very responsive to bug reports:

But that was clearly not enough, and I shouldn't have taken that 
unresponsiveness for granted.

> Since the NMUer made changes directly to the source files, I have to back
> out the patch and convert it over to quilt (I use quilt on all my
> packages).  So, his helpfulness actually created more work.

That criticism is unfair (although I understand it), as this package is not 
currently using quilt (nor is in 3.0 (quilt) format). AFAIK, adding new 
build-dependencies (quilt in this case) and/or adding/changing patch systems 
is usually considered a too big change for a NMU.

But I can prepare the quilt patch for you if you want.

> Another thing to note is that while the NMU was uploaded to DELAYED/2,
> the upload was actually ACCEPTed about 24 hours after the upload.

Yep, I was really too impatient on that case, and rescheduled it after one 
day. At the time, I considered it harmless, but at the light of your mail, 
it appears that I clearly overpassed the NMU rules; I am sorry for that (and 
be assured that it will not happen again).



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