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Re: Best practice for cleaning autotools-generated files?

* Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> schrieb:

> Nonsense. It is not the job of ./autogen.sh to revert to the VCS state

It is it's job to produce a clean state where *all* generated
files have been regenerated and the next stage (configure)
can start from here, w/o any manual intervention or workarounds.

> and there's no harm in ./autogen.sh calling configure with whatever

It *is*, as soon as this cannot run through without special
flags (eg. if some features have to be switched off, etc).

> arguments are passed to ./autogen.sh - as long as those options have
> the same effect when passed to ./configure for subsequent runs during
> development.

Adds additional complexity to add proper parameters here, for each
individual package. (and, of course, find out all this first).

This way, you add unnecessary burden to all the maintainers of all
the distros out there (that might be interested in your package).

> Again, this has nothing to do with Debian in most cases.

True. Applies to virtually any distro. And they all have to cope
with that crap, again, and again, and again. Total waste of human
workforce, which would go away by simply fixing a few lines once.

> There is no technical reason for any of these suggestions, 

Actually, there is. (okay, maybe more an organisatoric reason).
Exactly the same reason why things like AC plugs, voltages and
frequencies are standardized.

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