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Re: Bug#627038: ITP: libacsccid -- PC/SC driver for ACS USB CCID smart card readers

Zitat von Godfrey Chung <godfrey.chung@acs.com.hk>:

Before we started the driver project in 2009, we had requested to join as a developer for libccid in alioth.debian.org but the author rejected us with no reason. As the same time, our customer pushed us to release Linux driver. Therefore, we decided to release our Linux driver based on libccid and had a plan to release our driver to any Linux Distributions.

But libccid evolves and forks of such projects do usually not follow. This leaves both in a rather sad situation. Did you track the changes of 1.3.12 and 1.3.13? Any intention to rebase the work on 1.4.x so libusb-1.0 gets used instead of libusb-0.1?

For the Windows platform, we also release our own driver. It is because the generic driver does not work with multi-slot smart card readers and we can control our driver source code to fix bugs from the readers.

The Windows driver is also not very standard-compliant and does nasty things. It took me 30min on XP and Vista to get a bluescreen from it :-/ Note that there is also libusb-win32, making it potentially possible to use the same source there (ignoring the Microsoft driver for it) once it is compatible with (or integrated into) libusb-1.0.

Please note that libccid upstream author and Debian maintainer are same person. He may reject our changes.

Let's CC him so that he can comment...


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