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Re: Anyone looking at darcs?

Sandro Tosi dijo [Thu, May 19, 2011 at 02:37:45PM +0200]:
> >> and where was rudeness?
> >
> >> should I add flowers and kisses to emails?
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > This.  This is rudeness.
> oh really? thanks for letting me know.
> > Lose the sarcasm, if you wish to communicate more effectively.
> Thanks for the lecture, so sad I didn't ask for one.
> why not concentrating on doing something productive instead of mailing
> non-sense? (ah please avoid replying I'm doing it, since some else
> started the "teach the stupid guy a lesson" subthread.)

Sandro, we have collectively walked a long way towards making the
Debian ecosphere less harsh. There is no need to be gratuitously rude,
we only lose potential contributors. Please don't use that tone when
writing to Debian mailing lists.

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