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Re: Alioth status update, take 3


On Fri, 27 May 2011, Agustin Martin wrote:
> Besides the problems I pointed out in my last mail, seems to be some
> confusion for personal git repos. I see they were duplicated during 
> migration between wagner and vasks. Where should they really live?

It's not clear yet, it's an open question that I added to the list
of (short-term) pending stuff for Alioth admins:

Right now I continue to push to vasks, but I rsync the result
to wagner so that gitweb access works as expected.

> There also is some confusion in its current handling since some of the
> redirections seem to point to wagner and some to vasks, so I am afraid
> currently some people is committing to wagner and some people is committing
> to vasks.

Which redirections are you speaking of?

Except when you're using SSH, you always get what's on wagner:

The only URL that correspond to vasks are those:

> To make things more funny some of the addresses result in pointing to vasks
> or wagner, not to a single destination.
> For instance, http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/ will show package status in
> vasks, e.g.,

That's only because this URL is pre-generated on vasks (for performance
reasons, gitweb takes several minutes to generate it). It's done on vasks
because wagner only has read-only access.

> I even had a problem with one of my experimental repos which ended up
> pushing to one box and pulling from the other.

If you pull from git:// and push to ssh:// that can happen yes.

Another reason why the repos are also needed on vasks, is that the
symlinks in /git/users/ are created by the script
/srv/git.debian.org/bin/genindex that runs on vasks (it needs write

But all this is clearly sub-optimal, we need to find a solution. The only
reasonable solution (except sharing home directories between both hosts)
that I have identified is to stop storing those personal repositories in
~/public_git/ and put them directly in /git/users. The script on vasks
could detect new ~/public_git/ directories and move them to /git/users/
and create ~/public_git as symlink instead.  If the user want a
~/public_git symlink on wagner, he should do it himself (it's only
required for the git url using /~$USER/ not for those with /users/$USER/).

The backup rules could be modified to exclude /git/users/ if needed.

How does that sound?

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