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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> FWIW I think that "rolling" or "CUT" miss the point entirely. As a
> Debian user I use stable on my servers (with a few backports for the 3-4
> things I need bleeding edge for). For my desktop I use unstable, and
> when that breaks (which is *very* rare, really) I go to snapshots and go
> back a few versions. I couldn't care about testing any less. And at
> work, every person I know either uses just stable or does the same as
> me. I know no testing user around me. Of course I'm not pretending I
> know the absolute Truth, but well, I find this whole "users want testing
> badly" thing dubious.

Consider all the users who are running stable, plus a backport of some
servers, or a chromium or firefox installed from upstream because
stable's is too old. Consider the users who have so many backports
installed that they start to encounter integration problems between
them. Consider users who install Ubuntu because there is no usable
Debian release with a kernel new enough for their hardware, but then
have to fight with it to disable some "Unity" thing. These are all
use cases for CUT.

see shy jo

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