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Re: Behaviour of dpkg-source with "3.0 (quilt)" and VCS and automatic patches

On Sun, 29 May 2011 10:53:03 +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Auto-application of patches
> ---------------------------
> I would like to improve this situation and not force the majority of
> people to add the unapply-patches option (if it turns out the majority
> of people use this option or are annoyed by the patches being applied).

Yup, I was already considering to (propose to) add it (and also
abort-on-upstream-changes) to all pkg-perl packages to avoid checking
in patched files.
> b/ modify dpkg-source --before-build to keep a trace of the fact that
>    it applied the patches (for example by creating
>    .pc/dpkg-source-auto-applied) and in that case have dpkg-source
>    --after-build unapply the patches so that we're back to a clean
>    state after a succesful build.
>    If the build fails, we'd keep the patches applied.

Sounds good to me.
> Automatic patches
> -----------------
> But it still happens that those patches are generated[1] when the maintainer
> did not expect any change at all. That's why we added the option
> --abort-on-upstream-changes for maintainers who never wants dpkg-source
> to auto-create a patch.
> I wonder if I should not make this option the default and fail with an
> error messages suggesting that the maintainer should run "dpkg-source
> --record-changes" if he really wants to keep the current changes. It
> would also leave the diff around somewhere in $TMPDIR if the user wants
> to review it.

Sounds also good to me.

Thanks for working on these improvements!

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