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Re: bug reporting workflow is outdated

On Tue, 24 May 2011, Patrick Strasser wrote:
> Having a big number of open bugs is uncomfortable for sure,

There are currently 72588 un-done bugs reported by 17692 different
addresses which are maintained by at most 2484 maintainers. (Probably
significantly less.)

> but I would not worry about it if most problems are cared for and a
> lot of feature requests are in the queue. Would be interesting to
> see the numbers for Debian, but I could not find a statistical
> breakdown of bug severities in Debian except for RC bugs. Perhaps
> someone has the numbers...

busoni 16:40:12 /srv/bugs.debian.org/spool$ grep wishlist index.db|wc -l
busoni 16:40:24 /srv/bugs.debian.org/spool$ grep minor index.db|wc -l
busoni 16:40:29 /srv/bugs.debian.org/spool$ grep normal index.db|wc -l
busoni 16:40:32 /srv/bugs.debian.org/spool$ grep important index.db|wc -l
busoni 16:40:37 /srv/bugs.debian.org/spool$ grep serious index.db|wc -l
busoni 16:40:42 /srv/bugs.debian.org/spool$ grep critical index.db|wc -l
busoni 16:40:47 /srv/bugs.debian.org/spool$ grep grave index.db|wc -l

This all should be more easily available, but see #362457 for one of
the requests regarding it.

> Artificially throttling bug reports annoys users and makes Debian a
> worse OS. If it is hard to report bugs you will only get the reports
> of advanced users and only solve problems they can not get around -
> simple problems for basic users will persist and bug that users that
> do not have the skill to help themselves.

Advanced users report basic bugs too. [And often, they include patches
for them.]

My primary goal is keeping the quality of bug reports high (ideally
increasing their quality) while increasing the ability of individual
developers to handle and deal with bug reports. While making it easier
to report bugs is great, doing that at the expense of quality is not
something that I'm personally willing to do.

If someone has specific feature requests of the BTS, they can be made
by filing wishlist bugs against bugs.debian.org or debbugs after
checking to make sure that the existing request doesn't already exist.
[If it does, feel free to add comments to the existing bug.]

Don Armstrong

No matter how many instances of white swans we may have observed, this
does not justify the conclusion that all swans are white.
 -- Sir Karl Popper _Logic of Scientific Discovery_

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