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Re: Bug#625865: ITP: ocportal -- ocPortal is a Content Management System for building and maintaining a dynamic website

On Fri, 06 May 2011, Chris Warburton wrote:
> Hi Scott. ocPortal isn't massively widespread compared to other systems,
> so there's obviously less experimental proof of security. We had a
> security hole a few years ago; this was before I got involved, but
> there's details here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OcPortal#Criticisms
> Official ocPortal releases are managed by ocProducts, a company set up
> around ocPortal (and who pay my salary), and we have a clear security
> policy which can be found here
> http://ocportal.com/site/maintenance.htm .
> We also regularly run static code analysis tools on the codebase and we
> test every release with a hacked PHP runtime that 1) triggers errors if
> strings are not explicitly sanitised before going through eval, getting
> echoed to a browser or being entered into a database, and 2) enforces a
> type system on variables and function calls (based on type signatures
> written into the PHPdoc of every function), and raises an error if there
> is a type mismatch. I actually run this hacked PHP on my system in place
> of the distro's own.
> If there are specific security concerns I'd be happy to address them.

This is a better security policy than most PHP packages we have in the

That alone is grounds enough to allow ocportal in IMO.

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