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Re: Alioth status update, take 3


On Wed, 25 May 2011, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> SRV records?  Does alioth have any SRV records that might be useful in
> this context?  I queried various combinations of 'git', 'svn',
> 'subversion', 'svnserve', 'alioth', 'anonscm', and 'http' in queries
> based on *._tcp.*.debian.org and didn't find any.

There's none currently but the idea is to create _svn._tcp.svn.debian.org
and _git._tcp.git.debian.org if the software supports them.

> With my Subversion upstream hat on, I'd be happy to look at SRV
> records, if you have a clear idea how they would work.  I'm very much
> in favor of SRV as a concept.  So, we have svn://, http://, https://
> and file://.  Which of these should use SRV, and what service names
> should they query?  For example, perhaps svn:// should correspond to
> _svn._tcp.{hostname} before it falls back to {hostname}:3690?

svn:// should be enough.

For reference, Julien Cristau came up with this for git:

> I'd be reluctant to push for SRV lookups for http:// and https://, as
> that would be a break from what other HTTP and WebDAV clients do.

And it's not needed since http:// already has redirect support...

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