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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

On Du, 01 mai 11, 08:38:55, Mike Hommey wrote:
> So while I do agree with the rest of your message, I do see a need to
> make testing more attractive so that we have a solid user base actually
> testing what we are going to release, and stop saying to people that
> they shouldn't be using testing (and I've seen that said *a lot*).

Just make 'rolling' a symlink to 'testing' and get on with your... 
hacking :)

Add to this a press announcement (I can draft one if you want) along the 
- 'testing' doesn't deserve it's name and will be called 'rolling' 
- users familiar with Debian are encouraged to use it, but should 
  subscribe to debian-news (and/or d-d-a?) to watch for major 
  transitions that might affect stability

This would give you have more than 1 year time to see if this attracts 
more users. When the freeze approaches you can restart the flame 
war^W^Wdiscussion about 'frozen', but in the meantime there is enough 
time to create the PPA infrastructure, which will most probably solve 
the perceived problem[1] that rolling/testing would be frozen too long, 
because, instead of creating a completely new suite you can tell users 
"just enable the foo-rolling PPA to have the latest foo on rolling". I'm 
sure -publicity will be happy to include such snippets in -news if you 
let them know ;)

[1] In my almost 6 years of lurking on debian-user I haven't seen too 
many complaints about the freeze[2], but rather users enabling the 
frozen testing to prepare for the next release.
[2] maybe it helps that I missed the sarge freeze ;)

If you're curious, the usual advise on d-u to "what should I run" is:

- beginning of the release cycle: stable, unless you know what you're 
  doing (but then you wouldn't be asking)
- after the major transitions (like KDE4 for squeeze): stable if you're 
  new to Debian/Linux + backports, testing for newer stuff
- freeze: testing, unless it's a production machine, but have in mind 
  that security support will end in less than 1.5 years

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