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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

On 01/05/11 at 23:46 +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > Benefits for Debian:
> > - attract users who think that testing is only a development branch, and
> >   want newer software than what one finds in stable. Those users are
> >   likely to be rather advanced users (developers, free software
> >   contributors), thus interesting to work with. Some of them could
> >   become Debian contributors. And even if they don't, more users of
> >   testing/rolling means more testers of the next stable release
> >   [remember how the bug reporting rate of Ubuntu is higher than
> >   Debian's -- some areas of Debian could use more testers].
> I think those can use unstable,

But unstable is a development branch not targeted at being used by
'standard' users.

> and if they use rolling, I think I
> already "proved" or at least explained why those don't contribute to the
> stable in being, but rather the N+1 one.

I think that you are mixing two things here:
1) whether we want to turn testing into a rolling release
2) what do do with the 'rolling' suite during freeze (fork a 'frozen'
  branch at the beginning of the freeze ? freeze rolling ? start by
  freezing rolling, then after a few months, fork 'frozen' and unfreeze

> Which is probably not bad, but not the most urgent thing.
> > - give back to the free software world by providing a platform where new
> >   upstream releases would quickly be available to users. Since users
> >   would be able to test new upstream releases earlier, they would be
> >   able to provide feedback to upstream devs earlier, contributing to a
> >   shorter feedback loop.
> Why doesn't unstable fit that?

Because unstable is a development branch not targeted at being used by
'standard' users.

- Lucas

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