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Re: [Foo2zjs-maintainer] Bug#517957: foo2zjs: Some user data (firmware) goes in /usr ; should be /usr/local or /etc [PATCH] apt: Split out the libraries into libapt-pkg4.9 and libapt-inst1.1 Re: [Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#572733: support for mounting other kernel filesystems [Rant] Re: Removing the manpage requirement for GUI programs? Re: [RFH] Debian 2.6.32 CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY, wireless-regdb and crda Re: [RFH] Debian 2.6.32 CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY, wireless-regdb and crda Re: [RFH] Debian 2.6.32 CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY, wireless-regdb and crda Re: [RFH] Debian 2.6.32 CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY, wireless-regdb and crda About new source formats for packages without patches Adoption sought for a few packages Advice needed on howto take care about /usr/share/pyshared/scikits Re: Applied-Upstream field for Patch Tagging Guidelines (DEP-3) Best practices for development workstations Best practices for OpenPGP keys? Re: Bits from the Release Team: What should go into squeeze? Re: Bug#533708: ITP: libhugetlbfs -- Tools and Library access huge pages of memory Re: Bug#533708: ITP: libhugetlbfs -- Tools and Library access huge pages of memory Bug#540215: Introduce dh_checksums Re: Bug#540215: Introduce dh_checksums, clear-signed checksum Re: Bug#545782: imagemagick-dbg: missing README.Debian to explain how programs are used Re: Bug#545782: imagemagick-dbg: missing README.Debian to explain how programs are used Re: Bug#547079: login: Should set the iutf8 tty c_iflag if the locale is utf8 Re: Bug#555743: dpkg-gencontrol: add support for Description:-s in the Source package stanza Re: Bug#555743: dpkg-gencontrol: add support for Description:-s in the Source package stanza Re: Bug#560778: #560778 apt-listchanges: depends on things in optional, which depend on things in extra Re: Bug#562143: apt is no longer in base system created by debootstrap? Bug#571255: Info received (Bug#571255: udev_151-3_amd64 failed at apt-get install) Re: Bug#571255: udev_151-3_amd64 failed at apt-get install Bug#572029: ITP: pppd-sql -- pppd-sql provides a MySQL or PostgreSQL backend for CHAP/PAP pppd authentication Bug#572037: ITP: haskell-sdl-gfx -- Haskell SDL gfx binding for GHC Bug#572127: ITP: liblocales-perl -- Object-oriented access to localized CLDR information Bug#572135: ITP: libstemmer -- Snowball stemming algorithms for use in Information Retrieval Bug#572160: ITP: libwiiuse -- A C library that connects with several Nintendo Wii remotes Bug#572163: ITP: haskell-mmap0.4 -- Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows Bug#572207: ITP: fosfat -- library to access Smaky formatted disk (read-only), with fuse Bug#572213: ITP: libbusiness-paypal-api-perl -- Perl module providing access to the PayPal API Bug#572220: ITP: wireless-regdb -- wireless regulatory database Bug#572263: ITP: mpdcron -- Call hooks triggered by MPD events Bug#572289: ITP: gkrellm-cpufreq -- CPU frequency plugin for GKrellM Bug#572325: ITP: xjobs -- reads job descriptions line by line and executes them in parallel Bug#572338: ITP: php-net-whois -- PHP PEAR module for querying whois services Re: Bug#572374: please consider Section: Education Bug#572400: ITP: libheimdal-kadm5-perl -- Perl module to administer a Heimdal Kerberos KDC Bug#572454: ITP: fcoe-utils -- Fibre Channel over Ethernet utilities Bug#572457: ITP: dcbd -- user space daemon for Intel Enhanced Ethernet for the Data Center Bug#572458: ITP: hbaapi -- SNIA HBAAPI library Bug#572461: ITP: libhbalinux -- HBAAPI vendor library for Linux Re: Bug#572480: sdcv: Please build-depend on autopoint Bug#572484: RFH: Movable Type and OpenMelody packaging Bug#572545: ITP: usbview2 -- USB device viewer with GTK+ Bug#572555: ITP: libcompass-ruby -- Compass is a SASS-based stylesheet authoring tool Bug#572571: packages SHOULD ship checksums (a-la dh_md5sums, but better) Bug#572572: ITP: freehep-graphicsio-emf -- FreeHEP Enhanced Metafile Format Driver Bug#572573: ITP: freehep-graphicsio-pdf -- FreeHEP Portable Document Format Driver Bug#572574: ITP: freehep-graphicsio-swf -- FreeHEP SWF (Flash) Driver Bug#572575: ITP: freehep-graphicsio-java -- FreeHEP Java Driver Bug#572577: ITP: freehep-graphicsio-ps -- FreeHEP (Encapsulated) PostScript Driver Bug#572578: ITP: freehep-graphicsio-latex -- FreeHEP LaTex Driver Bug#572580: ITP: freehep-graphicsio-cgm -- FreeHEP Computer Graphics Metafile Driver Bug#572586: ITP: libruby-fssm -- keeps track via inotify the state paths and fires events when state changes Bug#572597: ITP: libffi-ruby -- ruby extension for loading dynamic libraries, binding functions, and calling those functions from ruby code Bug#572633: ITP: gnubatch -- A network-based batch scheduler Bug#572637: ITP: haskell-non-negative -- Non-negative numbers for Haskell Bug#572663: ITP: liblog-dispatch-array-perl -- module to log events to an array (reference) Bug#572665: ITP: liblog-dispatchouli-perl -- simple wrapper around Log::Dispatch Bug#572694: ITP: librb-inotify-ruby -- simple linux kernel inotify wrapper for monitoring file and directory changes Bug#572733: support for mounting other kernel filesystems Bug#572737: RFP: maven-scala-plugin -- A maven plugin for compiling, testing and running scala code in maven Bug#572853: ITP: thunarx-python -- Python bindings for the Thunar file manager Bug#572906: ITP: haskell-transformers -- Haskell monad transformer library Bug#572907: ITP: libversion-requirements-perl -- module for handling version requirements for a CPAN dist Bug#572919: ITP: totem-plugin-arte -- This totem plugin allows you to watch streams from Bug#572927: ITP: autoradio -- Radio automation software Bug#572985: ITP: kurso -- Kurso de Esperanto - A multimedia program for teaching yourself Esperanto. Re: Bug#572986: Acknowledgement (radvd will not accept an interface name with a capital letter, like ethLAN or ethEXT) Re: Bug#572986: Acknowledgement (radvd will not accept an interface name with a capital letter, like ethLAN or ethEXT) Bug#573120: ITP: msva-perl -- Cryptographic identity validation agent (Perl implementation) Bug#573149: ITP: merlin -- Module for Effortless Redundancy and Loadbalancing In Nagios Bug#573162: ITP: django-picklefield -- Pickled object field for Django Bug#573206: ITP: png++ -- C++ interface to the PNG library Bug#573236: RFP: logfsprogs -- LogFS file system utilities Bug#573341: ITP: libmath-gradient-perl -- module for calculating smooth numerical transitions Bug#573345: ITP: radare2 -- free advanced command line hexadecimal editor Bug#573347: ITP: libhash-multivalue-perl -- module for storing multiple values per key in a hash Bug#573349: ITP: libkcompat -- Linux kernel compatibility library for userspace applications Bug#573361: ITP: ltt-ust -- LTTng Userspace Tracer Bug#573393: ITP: maven-release -- Maven Release Plugin Bug#573437: ITP: importlib -- Backport of importlib.import_module() from Python 2.7 Bug#573484: ITP: trac-datefieldplugin -- Add custom date fields to Trac tickets Bug#573485: ITP: rbtools -- console utility scripts for use with Review Board Bug#573501: ITP: valaswig -- generate swig interface files from vala/vapi files Bug#573556: ITP: oauth-signpost -- simple OAuth message signing for Java Bug#573586: ITP: mockito -- mocking framework for Java Bug#573605: ITP: libnss-gw-name -- nss module that names the current gateway’s IP address Bug#573611: ITP: gettext-ant-tasks -- Java internationalization (i18n) library - Ant tasks Bug#573630: ITP: mule -- Java integration and communication platform Bug#573737: ITP: grilo -- framework for media discovery and browsing Bug#573738: ITP: rygel-grilo -- Grilo-based provider for Rygel Bug#573749: ITP: jabref-plugin-oo -- OpenOffice plugin for JabRef Bug#573792: ITP: taningia -- A generic comunication library based on XMPP Bug#573803: ITP: jmock2 -- Java library for testing code with mock objects Bug#573804: ITP: jets3t -- free, open-source Java toolkit and application suite for the Amazon Web Services Bug#573812: ITP: objenesis -- Java library to instantiate a new object of a particular class Bug#573874: ITP: compass-susy-plugin -- Susy is a elastic grid framework for Compass Bug#573880: ITP: icinga -- A host/service/network monitoring and management system Bug#573886: ITP: ambdec -- Ambisonic decoder for first and second order Bug#573929: ITP: libcatalyst-devel-perl -- collection of development tools for Catalyst Bug#573966: ITP: syncache -- Thread-safe time-limited cache for Ruby Bug#573967: ITP: whitewash -- Whitelist-based HTML filter for Ruby Bug#573968: ITP: graffiti -- Relational RDF store for Ruby Bug#573999: ITP: libisds -- Library for accessing the Czech Data Boxes Bug#574056: ITP: librack-test-ruby -- Simple testing API for Rack applications Bug#574093: ITP: uiadbus -- UiaDbus components of UIA on Linux Bug#574094: ITP: uiadbus -- UiaDbus components of UIA on Linux Bug#574095: ITP: mono-uia-dbus -- UiaDbus components of UIA on Linux Bug#574102: ITP: haskell-type-level -- A Haskell library for type-level programming Bug#574103: ITP: haskell-llvm -- Haskell bindings to the LLVM compiler toolkit Bug#574159: ITP: msva-ruby -- Cryptographic identity validation agent (Ruby implementation) Bug#574256: ITP: pygccxml - specialized XML reader reads the output from gccxml Bug#574274: ITP: atspiuiasource -- At-spi UIA source Bug#574275: ITP: at-spi-sharp -- C# bindings for at-spi Bug#574276: ITP: re2 -- efficient, principled regular expression library Bug#574278: ITP: at-spi-sharp -- C# bindings for at-spi Bug#574279: ITP: atspiuiasource -- At-spi UIA source Bug#574294: ITP: haskell-explicit-exception -- Haskell exceptions which are explicit in the type signature Bug#574366: ITP: flush -- GTK-based BitTorrent client Bug#574397: ITP: python-amazon-product-api -- A python wrapper for the Amazon Product Advertising API Bug#574423: ITP: ruby-hdfeos5 -- Ruby interface to the HDF-EOS5 library Bug#574471: ITP: ns3 -- discrete-event network simulator Bug#574472: ITP: ns3 -- discrete-event network simulator Bug#574481: ITP: oropo-system -- System for task distribution and processing in a computer cluster. Bug#574482: ITP: oropo-executor -- Oropo service for executing programs. Bug#574483: ITP: oropo-monitor -- Daemon that monitors state of rpc services on many hosts. Bug#574484: ITP: liboropo1 -- Common library for Oropo system and Oropo services. Bug#574485: ITP: liboropo-dev -- Oropo common library (development resources). Bug#574494: ITP: haskell-data-accessor -- Utilities for accessing and minpulating fields of records Bug#574503: ITP: haskell-utility-ht -- Small helper functions for Lists, Maybes, Tuples and Functions Bug#574525: ITP: nltk -- Python libraries for natural language processing Bug#574563: ITP: haskell-monoid-transformer -- Transformers for Reader and State Monoids Bug#574567: ITP: gdevilspie -- A user friendly interface for devilspie Re: Bug#574569: ITP: clamz -- A command-line program to download MP3's from Amazon Bug#574569: ITP: clamz -- A command-line program to download MP3's from Amazon Bug#574618: ITP: liboropo-dbg -- Oropo common library (debug symbols) Bug#574633: ITP: trac-wikitablemacro -- Table from an arbitrary SQL for Trac Bug#574690: ITP: haddock-leksah -- a documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries Bug#574691: ITP: binary-shared -- sharing for the binary package Bug#574692: ITP: haskell-ltk -- leksah tool kit Bug#574693: ITP: haskell-leksah-server -- metadata collection for leksah Bug#574780: ITP: braindump -- dump and organize the content of your brain to your computer Bug#574787: ITP: commit-patch -- Commit patches to Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Subversion, or CVS repositories Bug#574789: ITP: freebsd-ppp -- FreeBSD Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) userland daemon Bug#574846: ITP: libnet-ssh-multi-ruby -- Ruby library for making multiple SSH connections to remote systems Bug#574861: ITP: scilab-scimysql -- Scilab interface to MySQL Bug#574881: ITP: freewrl -- VRML browser for 3D contents works also as mozilla plugin Bug#574882: ITP: scilab-celestlab -- A Scilab library of space flight dynamics functions Bug#574895: ITP: muroard -- minimalist RoarAudio sound daemon Bug#574910: ITP: libbccrypto-java -- Java cryptography APIs Bug#574913: ITP: lal -- dockable clock applet for various window managers Bug#574917: ITP: libllamaxml1 -- C++ XML pull parser Bug#574951: ITP: haskell-event-list -- Event lists with relative or absolute timestamps Bug#574954: ITP: haskell-markov-chain -- Markov Chains for random sequence generation Bug#574967: ITP: multiwatch -- Forks and watches multiple instances of a program Bug#574984: ITP: htmlunit-core-js -- JavaScript language support for HtmlUnit Bug#575033: general: The button "shutdown" dont shutdown the machine, only show me the login window. Bug#575035: ITP: liblog-any-perl -- Perl module for logging mechanisms. Bug#575075: ITP: aaphoto -- Auto Adjust Photo, automatic color correction of photos Bug#575171: ITP: libnet-nationalrail-livedepartureboards-perl -- Perl module for retrieving UK rail live departure board information Re: Bug#575209 closed by Holger Levsen <> (Re: Bug#575209: general: Error resolving hostname [resent]) Re: Bug#575209 closed by Holger Levsen <> (Re: Bug#575209: general: Error resolving hostname [resent]) Re: Bug#575209: closed by Holger Levsen <> (Re: Bug#575209: general: Error resolving hostname [resent]) Bug#575209: general: Error resolving hostname Re: Bug#575209: general: Error resolving hostname [resent] Bug#575209: marked as done (general: Error resolving hostname) Bug#575285: ITP: libhtml-defang-perl -- Perl library for neutralizing XSS attacks and cleaning HTML and CSS Bug#575319: ITP: haskell-midi -- MIDI message and file handling Bug#575321: ITP: lwjgl -- Lightweight Java Game Library Bug#575326: ITP: httpcomponents-core -- low level components to build custom HTTP services Bug#575327: ITP: httpcomponents-client -- HTTP/1.1 compliant HTTP agent implementation Bug#575338: ITP: libclass-mix-perl -- Perl library for dynamic class mixing Bug#575349: ITP: opendnssec-signer -- tools to periodicaly sign DNSSEC zone files Bug#575441: ITP: literki -- Keyboard with configurable layout and transparency Bug#575471: ITP: libskeleton -- A library for reading and writing Ogg skeleton data Bug#575500: ITP: libminisat2-ocaml -- Ocaml bindings for minisat2 Bug#575523: ITP: hbase -- random, realtime read/write access to big data using hadoop Bug#575530: ITP: ibus-tegaki -- tegaki engine for IBus Bug#575544: ITP: libfm -- libraries for file management programming needs Bug#575563: ITP: libbusiness-onlinepayment-payflowpro-perl -- PayPal Payflow Pro backend for Business::OnlinePayment Bug#575565: ITP: libbusiness-onlinepayment-paymentech-perl -- Chase PaymenTech backend for Business::OnlinePayment Bug#575567: ITP: libbusiness-onlinepayment-ippay-perl -- IPPay backend for Business::OnlinePayment Bug#575571: ITP: sushi -- IRC suite operating via D-Bus Bug#575598: ITP: libfusioninventory-agent-task-ocsdeploy-perl -- OCS Inventory Software Deployment support for FusionInventory Bug#575667: ITP: mojarra -- JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 Java API classes Bug#575699: ITP: liblinux-dvb-perl -- interface to (some parts of) the Linux DVB API Bug#575716: RFP: libprojectbuilder-perl -- Perl module providing multi-OSes (Linux/Solaris/...) Continuous Packaging Bug#575732: ITP: php-http-webdav-client -- WebDAV stream wrapper class Bug#575752: ITP: frepple -- Free Production Planning Library Bug#575817: ITP: django-auth-ldap -- LDAP authentication backend for Django Bug#575850: ITP: libspring-webflow-2.0-java -- Java MVC framework focused in View and Controller layers Bug#575887: ITP: urg -- library to access Hokuyo URG/UTM laser range scanners Re: Bug#575938: ITP: dh-autoreconf -- debhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build Re: Bug#575938: ITP: dh-autoreconf -- debhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build Bug#575938: ITP: dh-autoreconf -- debhelper add-on to call autoreconf and clean up after the build Bug#575950: ITP: libperl-prereqscanner-perl -- module for extracting prerequisites from Perl code Bug#575953: ITP: gmock -- Google's framework for writing and using C++ mock classes Bug#575964: ITP: portlet-api-2.0-spec -- Java Portlet Specification V2.0 Bug#575973: ITP: libperl5i-perl -- Fix as much of Perl 5 as possible in one pragma Bug#575974: ITP: libtime-y2038-perl -- Versions of Perl's time functions which work beyond 2038 Bug#575975: ITP: libperl6-caller-perl -- Perl6-like OO caller() interface for perl5 Bug#575976: ITP: libmodern-perl-perl -- Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one command Bug#575977: ITP: libautovivification-perl -- Lexically disable autovivification. Bug#575979: ITP: libautobox-dump-perl -- human/perl readable strings from the results of an EXPR Bug#575980: ITP: libdatetime-timezone-tzfile-perl -- Perl handling of tzfile (zoneinfo) timezone files Bug#575981: ITP: libdatetime-format-epoch-perl -- Convert DateTimes to/from epoch seconds Bug#575982: ITP: libindirect-perl -- Lexically warn about using the indirect object syntax. Bug#575983: ITP: libhash-merge-simple-perl -- Recursively merge two or more hashes, simply Bug#575984: ITP: libtaint-util-perl -- Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or eval Bug#575986: ITP: libdatetime-timezone-systemv-perl -- Perl handling of System V and POSIX timezone strings Bug#575987: ITP: libdate-jd-perl -- Conversion between flavours of Julian Date Bug#575988: ITP: libdate-iso8601-perl -- Perl handling of the three ISO 8601 numerical calendars Bug#576006: ITP: qtwebkit -- Web content engine library for Qt Bug#576018: ITP: narval -- An Ada framework for Distributed Acquisition Systems Bug#576029: ITP: angband-audio -- Non-free sound files for the angband game Bug#576079: ITP: ngsolve -- Finite Element Library on top of Netgen Bug#576080: general: missing Bug#576088: ITP: libphp-swiftmailer -- component-based library for sending e-mails Changes in non-free autobuilder? Re: Cmap file are now free: List of package to move to main dash Debian package - RC bugs DASIP2010 > Call for Papers Debian installer level 1 - danish translation Debian Package Decoupling GNOME 2.30 transitions definition of contrib & buildd inconsistency The last update was on 07:47 GMT Sun Sep 17. There are 1013 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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