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Re: Bug#572374: please consider Section: Education

On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 07:58:15PM +0100, Ana Guerrero wrote:
> Yes, but as long as we are also using the archive sections, we should improve
> them.

> We will always have software fitting in several section, and we never will solve
> that problem as long as we use them.


> What you propose sounds like a bad workaround,

I don't think so - it's just another suggestion and in my eyes it s
quite comparable to your original suggestion.

> specially because I can understand ???Science and Education??? as 
> application that are both: science and education.

Would you prefer "Science or education"? ;-)
If I tell you my bag contains "Cacao and sugar" would you think I
brought some chocolate consisting of both ingrediences?

> Would linguistic apps fit there?

Sure.  According to my understanding Charles did not suggest to exclude
pure scientific software from the proposed common section and currently
some linguistic apps are in Science and there is no reason to remove
these just because we add Educationsl applications to the section.

> Neither we can have sections for everything but in the case of educative 
> software I think we have plenty of software falling under this category.

Yes, we do.  I personally have no problem with both suggestions because
they seem to be both able to reduce the effect of the problem (but not
real solutions because there is probable no such thing).  Anas
suggestion leaves the problem that it is hard to decide where to put
packages which are really intended for both Science and Education.
Charles suggestion does hardly enable to move some educational games
into the suggested section.  I think we should leave the final decision
to ftpmaster (do-o-cracy = the doer decides).
Kind regards



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