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Debian installer level 1 - danish translation

Hi i was handed "Debian installer level 1" to translate, I completed it
back in 6 of December, 2009. but i have not been able to get in contact
with the person who has the danish commit privileges for Debian since

the following is to emails, related to this issue.

the link that is suposed to explain how to commit has been 404'ed ever
since i first got this email.


tir, 24 nov 2009 kl. 19:08 +0100, wrote Christian Perrier: 
> Hi,
> This mail is sent to all people who contributed to the last version of the
> Debian Installer "sublevel 1" translations, for the installation software of
> the Debian distribution (which is also used in the Ubuntu installer).
> Debian Installer is constantly evolving and we're still quite far away from
> the planned freeze of the entire Debian distribution (which should happen in
> March 2010). Also, even though a release of Debian Installer is about to
> come soon, we're not planning a fully formalized l10n update process yet.
> Still, several translations had no single update since Debian Lenny was
> released, back in February 2009 (with a release of Debian Installer in
> January 2009).
> So, as Debian Installer l10n corodinator, I'd like to ask you to consider
> updating Debian Installer translations. The most important file, the
> "sublevel 1" file, is attached to this mail.
> Most of you know well about the D-I l10n process, so you'll know how to get
> your hands on the l10n material and how to commit it back. If not,
> http://d-i.debian.org/doc/l10n might be useful for you.
> Some of you were "just" people who volunteered to complete their language
> for the last release of Debian and never mentioned they would commit
> themselves to further updates. Still, I'd like to ask you if you could
> consider doing such update again.
> Some others were just people who once sent a sometimes partial translation
> and never, or vera rarely, followed up on it. Even in such case, please
> consider doing an update...even a minimal one would be appreciated.
> This mailo doesn't give you any deadline...as there is none yet. I however
> needed to send a first "prod" round in order to have a rough idea of what we
> can expect during the general free when it's time to release.
> In any case, thanks for your attention....and good luck for your updates! :-)
> Thanks in advance,

man, 21 sep 2009 kl. 13:36 +0200, wrote Mads Bille Lundby: 
> Hi Christian,
> I have a bunch of updated Danish debian-installer translations, that I
> did in the spring (attachment).
>  I translated the Debian branch og D-i first, hoping that someone
> would pick up my messages on debian-l10n-danish@lists.debian.org.
> Nobody did. My primary goal was to get a fully translated Ubuntu
> installer. After committing the Debian translations as "Published
> upload" on Launchpad, I subsequently did the remaining Ubuntu Specific
> strings.
> My translations have been proofread in the Danish Translator Group and
> are of fairly high quality, so I'd like to have them committed into
> Debian upstream before I do any further work on the debian-installer.
>  I've noticed that you regularly send out notices regarding incomplete
> translations and such to l10n-danish@lists.debian.org (which seems
> quite abandoned right now). Maybe you could send the messages cc to
> dansk@dansk-gruppen.dk (where KDE, Gnome, Ubuntu, Fedora,
> Mandriva,Xfce etc. hangs out).
> Please contact Keld Simonsen keld@dansk-gruppen.dk to be whitelisted
> as an approved sender/subscriber on dansk@dansk-gruppen.dk.
> We should also discuss (internally in dansk-gruppen) who should be
> granted commit priveleges to Debian. From what I can see, Claus
> Hindsgaul has not been active in the Danish Translator Community.
> Could you please inform me, if anyone else has "Danish" commit
> priveleges.
> Cheers,
> Mads Lundby

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