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Re: Best practices for development workstations

[Filippo Giunchedi]
> pbuilder sets up /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d to exit 101 so if a daemon
> starts out of your control (e.g. with /etc/init.d/<daemon> start) you
> have found a bug somewhere in a package, no? I've not seen daemons
> randomly starting lately.

Well, one point of a non-sid system with a sid chroot is to shield the
host system from bugs in sid.  And John is right that chroots are
imperfect for this, and that the problems are not just theoretical but
have happened many times in practice.

I agree with you, though, that as a heavy user of pbuilder/cowbuilder,
I haven't seen such problems on _my_ systems in a fairly long time.

> > 2b. Xen, KVM, qemu, or VirtualBox
> > 
> > The advantage of this approach is that it provides more complete
> > isolation from the host workstation.  I need not worry about it
> > firing up a second copy of cron, for instance.  On the other hand,
> > it will have less perfect integration with the host environment
> > (though NFS and ssh could probably let me write a script like
> > pdebuild).

These platforms support some form of hostfs, don't they?  I thought
they did, anyway.
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