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Advice needed on howto take care about /usr/share/pyshared/scikits

Dear Debianizers,

NB. I have asked similar question at debian-python [1] but had no
    replies, so re-posting to -devel now

I am ITPing python-scikits-learn and possibly few other python-scikits-*
packages in the future.  All of the packages would have 1 peculiarity,
they all would rely on having

$> cat /usr/share/pyshared/scikits/__init__.py

As a resolution I am planing to package some silly Debian-native
(there is no per se the upstream for this single file) package


which would provide that base directory with __init__.py

Am I missing possible other alternative (I think that unpleasant and evil
diverts, or inappropriate for this case alternatives aren't real choices
here, right)?

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-python/2010/03/msg00034.html

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