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Re: About new source formats for packages without patches

Le jeudi 25 mars 2010 à 08:40 -0700, Steve Langasek a écrit :
> > While it is interesting to know that the lack of Ubuntu involvement into
> > Debian can also lead to major breakage on your side,

> But even if the fault lies entirely with Ubuntu and you think Ubuntu is evil
> and should be disregarded in all discussions of derivatives (which comes
> across loud and clear in your message), 

If you think lack of involvement is enough to disregard an organization
and consider it evil, that’s your sole opinion, not mine.

> I don't know why you would expect
> the transition to be smoother for other derivatives.

I’d expect it to be much smoother for an organization that uses Debian
tools and works with us to add missing functionality in them if needed,
than for an organization that uses its own tools.

> > I fail to see how it relates to the point made by Raphaël. In the long
> > term, having a unified patching system *will* make things easier for
> > derived distributions. 
> I don't see any evidence that dpkg v3 will make a non-negligible difference
> to this.

While not high on my priorities, I consider a unified patching system a
worthwhile goal. We use an embryonic derived distribution at work, and
having to deal with dpatch or whatnot, depending on the package, is not

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