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Re: Bug#540215: Introduce dh_checksums

On Tue, Mar 09 2010, Jean-Christophe Dubacq wrote:

> On 09/03/2010 14:24, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
>> It it's that straight forward, please help with the cruft package.
>> Last time I looked (several years ago) it was severly limited by that
>> problem (there not being a way to know which files should be there and
>> which not).
>> I personally think without something in this direction, intrusion
>> detection based on file lists is not really possible.
> I for one pledge the addition of a dpkg-register (or dpkg --register or
> anything), bound with dpkg, that would allow maintainers to specify that
> a file belongs to their package (it could be managed through postinsts,
> via ucf...) The number of files under /etc that belong to no package (in
> the sense of dpkg -S) makes it very hard to keep a clean system.

        For what it is worth, ucf can also tell dpkg about the files and
 hashes  that it manages (it already stores the data, all that has to be
 added is calls to the hypothetical dpkg-register).

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