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Re: Bug#540215: Introduce dh_checksums

Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
> Note regarding the patch:
>   I have tried to make the patch so it isn't too intrusive (for
>   instance, dh_checksums is a symlink to dh_md5sums even though it
>   should be the other way around).

Symlink direction seems irrelevant.

I'd probably just make dh_md5sums call dh_checksums, and later add
a deprecation warning message.

>   Your comments on the patch are obviously welcome (feel free to hack
>   it your self if you want)
> Any chance to merge it before squeeze Freeze?

Is debsums ready to handle other checksums types?

> +a DEBIAN/md5sums and DEBIAN/sha256sums files, which respectively lists the

So this doubles the amount of work that's done on build. Is there any
reason to generate md5sums files, aside from keeping old debsums

> +my ($basename) = $0=~m:.*/(.+):;

Dh_Lib has a basename()

> +	if (basename($0) == 'dh_md5sums') {
> +		warning("This program should no longer be used. Please read the dh_checksums(1) man page.");
> +	}

It's probably too early for this warning, I prefer to give people some
time before starting to nag.

see shy jo

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