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[no subject] 2.2 and french sun4 kbd 2.2r2 install possible bugs 8 MB RAM still enough? [ xserver-xsun drivers] [Solved] Re: SILO confusion... Are you running SMP linux on an SS1000/2000 ? Autobuilder log pages boot cdrom single Can't NFS-Root boot: no way to get IP number CD Writer and SCSI adapter on Ultra5 Compiling 2.4.0-test12 Compiling kernel Debian GNU/Linux (potato) and SPARCStation 1+ Debian On Sparc Debian problem on UltraSparc Debs and Netra T1's dual boot Floppy drive of Sparc IPC does not format Re: Floppy from sparc on x86 Floppy-change-detection problem while installing potato? Getting started via serial line connection HELP Kernel compile on poor Sun hardware locales ls-120 Re: mouse/keyboard configuration for XFree 4? my IPX box is out to lunch :( MySQL oddities netscape bin .deb ? Re: newbie X configuration No nedit for sparc woody ? Official 2.2rev2 CD Kernel Panic on boot openprom modified, then lockup. ;( openssh 1.2.3-9.1 upgrade problem partial success with external modem on IPX PC keyboard STOP-A sequence? Problem with SILO on Ultra 10/IDE problems with stable disks Problen setting modem port speed. Read Receipt...SORRY! Revival of the port specific -changes lists Serial console on sparc 20 SILO confusion... Silo problem SOLVED: Sparc10 install hanging at welcome screen sound and isdn on a ss10 Sparc IPC: kernel loads, then hangs Sparcstation 5/110mhz installationtroubles SS2 Weitek PowerUp: Where to get it in Germany? strange link Strange stack & execve() behavior Sun SS1000 SMP booting problem superformat tape drive test tftpboot.img wierdness (Sparc10) Ultra 5 and X 4.0.1 (woody) Ultra5 & Raptor GFX Ultra60, XF4.0.1pre2.RC3-1, woody Unidentified subject! unstability of woody ... usbmouse problem Where can I get egcs64 for sparc64 Linux ? Which floppy drive X4.0.1 X401(pre2-RC3) on Sparc hardware with a UK keyboard. Help! XF86Config for Ultra5 (XFree86 4.0.1 and Debian 2.2) XFree86 V336 Xsun24 behaviour /뿪 The last update was on 06:01 GMT Sun May 12. There are 176 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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