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Re: Problen setting modem port speed.

On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 10:54:55AM -0500, Robert Reif wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having a problem getting a modem connection speed other than
> 9600.  I hacked pppd to print out the termios speeds and they are being
> set properly.  I also hacked chat to print out the connection speed and
> it is always 9600 regardless of the speed set in the file in
> /etc/ppp/peers.
> I double check the connection speed with ping which always gives the
> same results.
> I have tried different modems and different firmware loads with the same
> result.  The modems work fine on NT.  Both modems used to work with
> 2.1 and with woody up to about two months ago.  I'm currently using a
> standard 2.2 off a cd.
> I could go back to 2.1 or I could borrow an rs232 analyzer and keep
> hacking
> at the source but I thought I would check if anyone has any suggestions
> before
> I dig into it further.


I don't know if it would bear any on your problem, but at least with my
Sparc IPX and USR Sportster v90 modem, the only way I can connect via
ppp with it is by turning off flow control in both ppp and on the modem.

I think there might be some kind of funky hybrid flow control that MIGHT
work, but I don't know past that. And I max out at 38400.

-- Ferret

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