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Official 2.2rev2 CD Kernel Panic on boot

I just downloaded and burned 2.2rev2 and attempted to use it to boot my
SS20.  Durring boot I get:

cdrom: open failed
VFS: Cannot open root device 0b:00
Press L1-A to return to the boot prom

In the past I've used CD-ROM drives (Sony, and others) pulled from old
PowerPC boxes to boot Solaris and Debian without problems.  Today I have
a NEC SICD-12x hooked up on ID6.  Looking at the error above it would
appear that this CD-ROM drive may not be fully compatible for booting or
whatnot.  Can anyone confirm this?  I don't have my 2.2rev1 CD's around
to confirm if it's a bug with the rev2 CD's.

Also, what does "Press L1-A" mean?  Stop-A?  Thanks.

- Ken

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