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Re: Silo problem

On Sat, 9 Dec 2000, Antonio Musumeci wrote:

> I installed silo on my sparc 10. However I get the following error on
> boot:
> Read error on block 327684
> Cannot find /vmlinuz (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in
> short read)
> any ideas? I had an older version of debian installed before this with
> no problems. I descided to do a fresh install with the new stable and i
> am having all kinds of problems.
You reinstalled?!

I'm assuming you've reformatted your disks.

Is your disk over 1G, if so does the kernel image lie inside the first

Can you boot it from a floppy
or cdrom or network using the boot parameter; linux single root=/dev/"your
root partition" , if that doesn't work try replacing single with

If that works, check your filesystem with e2fsck.

If none of the above helps I hope you backed up.

Good luck I'll be away for a week so I won't be able to help any further.

Best Regards,

Peter Firmstone.

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