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Re: newbie X configuration

> Thanks (belatedly :) for your help on this.  IceWM runs quite nicely on my
> 32 MB IPX.  Even if it is somewhat Windows-looking, which I was trying to
> avoid ;p

You __do not__ need to make it Windows-like (urgh!).
Install the deb package 'icewm-themes' and you can choose dozens of
different-looking themes. When you find one you like, edit
~/.icewm/preferences (line: Theme) so that icewm loads automatically your
preferred theme.

> The problems I was having were with Mozilla and, I guess, fvwm(2).  I didn't
> realize graphical browsing was so problematic, and the default window
> manager was displaying an interference pattern.  At no point during the
> setup process (running in dselect) did I have an opportunity to enter scan
> rates or other data for my monitor which also led me to think my problems
> were configuration-related.

You cannot do that because the hardware in a Sun IPX is fixed, it is not
like PCs where you have thousands (better, millions) of different
combinations of motherboards, graphic cards, monitors, etc.
Then, the xsun server already "knows" what to do with your card/monitor.
Nevertheless, I do not have the interference pattern you see on my IPX.
Maybe the problem is in the monitor (?) Could you test it on another


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