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Floppy-change-detection problem while installing potato?

Sorry 'bout my poor english :-)

Sun SparcStation 2:
Because I haven't got already my external SCSI-CDROM I used a Win98
box to create the various floppy disks and installed the potato base
system on the SS2. Some of the disks were very old and while copying
them to the SS2 sometimes a bad sector on the disk resulted in
an I/O-error and the SS2 ejected the disc. After replacing the bad
disk with a 100% error free and working one the SS2 refused to use
it and again said something like "I/O error". I had to open the
second console, do a 'mount /dev/fd0 /mnt' (of course got a 'failed'
because of the read-only-fs) and a 'eject /dev/fd0'. After that I put
the same disk back in, switched back to console 1 and hit <Return>
and now the SS2 accepted the disk!
Only putting the disk back in and doing an 'eject' on the second
console didn't work. I really had to do the 'mount...' to get it
back to function...
Is this a known problem or does this belong to my hardware?



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