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Re: Getting started via serial line connection

> On Dec 15, Andreas Tille scratched in indelible ink :

> There is no graphics card in the machine and I have to connect via
> serial line.  I found a searial cable which I used to connect a laptop
> with a desktop years ago and adapted it via gender-changer and
> 25pin to 9 pin adapter to a Linux laptop.  There I started minicom.
the cable has to be a null modem.  the gender bender you've got there might be
doing interesting things to the wires.  Simplest method (which i have used
successfully many times with both alphas and suns) is the 3 wire cable.
tx<-->rx, rx<--> and ground<-->ground :)
9600,8,1,n IIRC. (9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit)

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