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Debian problem on UltraSparc

  1. I've 1024MB RAM on my box. But when I use kernel 2.2.18, it won't boot correctly 
     except I add a append="mem=512m" to let kernel use only 512MB. Is there any 
     configuration that I miss ? (I've try 2.4.0-test9 to test12, they will use all 
     1024MB RAM correctly)

  2. Does anyone use iptables on a sparc box ?
     I've try to use iptables on my space box for kernel 2.4.0-test9 to test12, but
     all of them don't work. When I load the ip_conntrack, ip_tables, iptable_nat....
     modules, it will display a kernel bug message in my console like:

     bug: kernel timer added twice at 000000000110052c.

     And the NAT, Filter function for iptables won't work.
     The script I've used in my i386 box, it's ok and work fine.

     How to solve it ?


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