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Re: Which floppy drive

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Andreas Jaehnigen wrote:

> > Hmm, my box seems not to find the tftp image.  It just repeats:
> > Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
> Is your ARP server up and running? This message is typically generated due
What is an "ARP server".

I followed the instructions in the SPARC install manual topic 6.5.3.
My problem is:  How does the sun find the server.  How does it search the
net for such kind of server.  How can I tell the IP of the tftp server?

> to some networking problems..
> Typically, the tftp images are located (on your tftp server) below /tftp
in the suggested configuration.
> Also, you need to links in this tftp directory, both pointing to the
> actual image file. The symlinks should be named after the ip adress of
> your client, in hex notation, and one of the should have the string
> ".SUN<arch-name>" appended.
> Example: If your box is a SUN4U machine (it is probably) and has the ip
> you have to create the links like this:
> cd /tftpboot
> ln -s tftpboot.img C0A80001
> ln -s tftpboot.img C0A80001.SUN4U
Did so:

# ll /tftpboot
insgesamt 6816
-rw-r-----    3 tillea   admin     2315984 Nov 27 19:30 0A0F8C37
-rw-r-----    3 tillea   admin     2315984 Nov 27 19:30 0A0F8C37.SUN4U
-rw-r-----    3 tillea   admin     2315984 Nov 27 19:30 tftpboot.img

(all hardlinks to the same file tftpboot.img from the Sparc boot disks

Kind regards


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