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Re: problems with stable disks

On Fri, Dec 08, 2000 at 05:56:23PM -0500, Antonio Musumeci wrote:
> I just attempted to install debian on my sparc 10 but i ran into some
> problems. At the modules part it was unable to install any modules. At
> the end when you tell it to make linux bootable off the harddrive it
> cant. Nor can it make a floppy. I was able to get around all that but
> there are other problems. /dev/sunmouse points to /dev/mouse. However
> /dev/mouse doesnt exist. Any ideas? Are the 'stable sparc disks'
> unstable?

Geez...lots of things going wrong. I've changed nothing WRT to sparc on
these disks, other than the kernel, which seems to be working properly.
All of this crap has changed previously in the main boot-floppies source.

The device problem appears to be related to makedev, which I'll check in

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