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Sparcstation 5/110mhz installationtroubles

I'm trying to install Debian/potato on my Sparcstation 5 / 110 mhz,
I' not very successful, I'm having troubles to get the partition working ( i had it working erlier but then when I rebooted for the first time started the system I got too many errors when downloading pacages, so I was forced to restart and then I had to boot from the CD again, just to realize that the installation process hangs and now for the x time I realize that the partitioning wont work it gives me error messages when I tries to partition sda2, then claimes that it doesnt know if the /root is at sda1 or not but it so presumes, then it wont work any more.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestion to what I may do to get it to work again?

Yours sincerely
Jimmy Lantz

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