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openprom modified, then lockup. ;(

At work there's an unused Sparc 10, but that was upgraded with two disks,
SUN1.05 and SUN2.0S. An unused sparc with 3GB of disk space was a
true temptation... ;)))

I've installed potato, and wont boot (from HD) saying ``Invalid

After some fiddling and testing with openprom, i've seen that default boot
device was disk, that was an alias for:


so i've tryed some other, finding that:


was the right choice. Now SILO boot! ;)

After i've set disk to be an alias to this last, with:

	echo "/iommu/sbus/espdma@f,400000/esp@f,800000/sd@1,0" > \

and system print "disk isn't unique", message that are also printed every 
time the system boot up.

The problem now are that... everytime i try to access some file in
/proc/openprom, system LOCKUP, only thing i can do is Stop-B.

Some clue? Thanks.

dott. ing. Marco Gaiarin			gaio@sv.lnf.it
La Nostra Famiglia - Polo FVG			root @ CED

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