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SOLVED: Sparc10 install hanging at welcome screen


this'll teach me to keep a better local archive, as this *should* be a
response to my earlier post reguarding a sparcstation10 install that
was stuck in a welcome screen loop (after "determining what to do
next" it kept returning to the install intro rather than configure

I switched to the terminal on tty2 and ran fdisk. There was no Sun
disklabel on the drive (it had come out of a closet, but I thought
it'd been in a Sun last), I fixed this and partitioned the drive.

When I went back to tty1 and hit enter again it brought me to the
"initialize and activate swap partition" option, which was wrong as it
skipped several steps, but things went along ok from there.

Don't have any idea what the cause was or if it's reproducible enough
to submit as a bug, but I figured I'd pust the solution incase s.o.'s
searching the archive with this problem.


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