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tftpboot.img wierdness (Sparc10)


I have a misbehaving Sparcstation10.

Using the tftpboot.img I get as far as the "Welcome" splash srcreen,
but when I hit return it only brings me back to the same screen???

I've done 7 net installs recently with this server & image with no
problems (2 sparc20's and 5 sparc5's), well make that 8 this is
actually the second install on this machine, I switched out the 264M
HD for a 1.06G and it's failing to reinstall...Don't think it's the
drive since it never gets that far.

An other oddity of this machine (at the PROM level) is that it doesn't
auto detect the TPE ethernet and insists on trying the AUI unless I
explicitly "boot net-tpe"

any thoughs on this one?


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