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Re: sound and isdn on a ss10

* Marko Ledesma <marko@ozma.in-berlin.de> [001209 09:21]:
> i have got potato on a ss10. can anybody tell me what kernel.options to
> set to use sound and isdn with it???????

For the SS10, you have a "DBRI" audio/ISDN chipset (yep, the same chip
does both).  All you need to do is enable both CONFIG_SPARCAUDIO and
CONFIG_SPARCAUDIO_DBRI for your kernel build.  If you build as a module,
then you'll have a "dbri.o" module to load.  If you're using 2.2.17 (or
some other 2.2.x that not from current vger.samba.org cvs), then also
apply this patch: http://suse.com/~uzi/sparc/2.2.x-dbri.patch
which treats volume more sanely, and lets you set the output ports
(headphone/speaker/line out) with audioctl.

As far as the DBRI goes, I can't reember which kernel version has it
working... not the recent 2.4.x kernels.

Good luck. :)

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