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Debian GNU/Linux (potato) and SPARCStation 1+

I've got my hands on 15 used (Doh! :) SPARC Station 1+ in varying

My plan was to use it in my first Bewolf cluster. But first I'd like
to install the buggers :)

Using a bunch of disks to do the installation (I don't have access to
any AUI cables currently) I stumbled on to a little problem.

When trying to install the kernel and modules it asks a very strange

----- s n i p -----
Wrong disk!
This is disk 1 of 2 in the drv14-sun4cdm series of 27-Nov-2000 13:18 EST.
Wrong disk. This is from series drv14-sun4cdm. You need disk 1 of series
the driver series.
----- s n i p -----

I know I'm not native English, but even my little brother (18, dyslexic)
is better than this! :)

Sorry, no hard feelings or anything. I had such a laugh at it, and I could
not resist 'kicking you in the balls' :)

I got the images from


and I can't find any other driver disks... From what I understand (which
might be wrong, I'm new to the SPARC architecture) I own a 4/65 'something'.
I'm not sure what it's called. SPARC arch? SUN arch? Hardware arch?
Anyway, I found some hardware reference on 'www.sunhelp.org' that it's
a 'SUN-4c'...

So if the driver disks in the above directory is wrong, where are the
right ones?

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