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Re: Which floppy drive

Hi again,

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Andreas Tille wrote:

> > > Hmm, my box seems not to find the tftp image.  It just repeats:
> > > Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
> > Is your ARP server up and running? This message is typically generated due
> What is an "ARP server".

An ARP server translates a MAC (hardware) address into an IP address. This
is necessary, because your client doesn't know its IP if booted up
freshly; but it has to know because tftp is IP-based, as well it has to
know which image to fetch... (as it is apparent in the link names below!)

(Anyone correct me if I'm wrong please..)

> I followed the instructions in the SPARC install manual topic 6.5.3.
> My problem is:  How does the sun find the server.  How does it search the
> net for such kind of server.  How can I tell the IP of the tftp server?

You've to update the arp data by issuing something like the following
(substitute to the corresponding MAC address, of course):

/usr/sbin/arp -s  00:60:08:54:a2:25

I think this is all- right? (other opinions??)

> insgesamt 6816
> -rw-r-----    3 tillea   admin     2315984 Nov 27 19:30 0A0F8C37
> -rw-r-----    3 tillea   admin     2315984 Nov 27 19:30 0A0F8C37.SUN4U
> -rw-r-----    3 tillea   admin     2315984 Nov 27 19:30 tftpboot.img

Good. (softlinks should be sufficient here, but never mind)

Have fun! :)


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