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Re: Problen setting modem port speed.

Hi Robert,

Are there any bug reports for this?

Try minicom, just to confirm whether pppd's responsible, if minicom works
higher port speeds then try apt-get install ppp, I know the connection
will be slow but ppp is only small. This will upgrade ppp which should
hopefully do the trick.~

Probably not much point playing with the source unless you can confirm the
problem exists with the latest code.

Welcome to 2001,

Best Regards,

Peter Firmstone.

On Sat, 30 Dec 2000, Robert Reif wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm having a problem getting a modem connection speed other than
> 9600.  I hacked pppd to print out the termios speeds and they are being
> set properly.  I also hacked chat to print out the connection speed and
> it is always 9600 regardless of the speed set in the file in
> /etc/ppp/peers.
> I double check the connection speed with ping which always gives the
> same results.
> I have tried different modems and different firmware loads with the same
> result.  The modems work fine on NT.  Both modems used to work with
> 2.1 and with woody up to about two months ago.  I'm currently using a
> standard 2.2 off a cd.
> I could go back to 2.1 or I could borrow an rs232 analyzer and keep
> hacking
> at the source but I thought I would check if anyone has any suggestions
> before
> I dig into it further.
> Thanks,
> Bob.
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