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No nedit for sparc woody ?

       Hi all,
       I have just (partially) upgrade a sparc box to woody (from
potato). I saw that apt-get remove the package nedit and when I try
apt-get install nedit, it says that

Package nedit has no available version, but exists in the database.

So where is nedit ? has it been removed from woody (and why) ?

Another thing is that when I try tu launch balsa (which is the reason
that I has to upgrade to woody -- balsa on potato is way too old), I
get the message that "/usr/bin/convert not found" and sevral complain
that it (balsa) cannot load the image "balsa_icon.png", etc ...
I think that if balsa need /usr/bin/convert then it sould list this as
a dependency. Also I wpuld like to know what package provides
/usr/bin/convert so I can install it.

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